Juuso Panttila

- Official Renault Clio driver - 



Name: Juuso Panttila

Date of Birth: 12.07.2003

Home: Kauniainen, Finland

Club: VihUA

Team: Carpek Racing

Started karting: 5 years old


Juuso Panttila is a 18 year old motorsport driver from Kauniainen. Juuso started karting at the age of 5 and is one of the most internationally successful Finnish Rotax category driver.



Juuso will move up to Clio Cup Europe series. Team will be the same, Carpek Racing Team.

For the 2021 season, Juuso stepped up from karting to racing cars. The main series of the season was the Renault Clio CUP ESET V4 series, running on Central European circuits. Juuso drove convincingly and achieved numerous podium places as well as one win. Juuso finished 3rd in the series. The value of this achievement increases the fact that the first race weekend of the series was completely missed by Juuso due to the covid.


Juuso's long-term goal is to make the driving as a profession.



Renault Clio CUP ESET V4 series:

1. Filip Sandström

2. Erik Bertilsson

3. Juuso Panttila

2020: V1600 category Finnish Championship

2019: Karting Rotax Central European DD2 Series: 3.

2018: Karting Rotax's Baltic / Nordic Series victory in the Senior category and in Finland Rotax Series 2.

2017: Karting Rotax Central European Challenge Series 3.